Winner of the Cambridgeshire Book of the Decade

The Cambridge Curry Club

The title is postcolonial tongue-in-cheek. No curry feasts dripping off the book's pages. Not even a whiff of tikka masala. No recipes, either. Sorry. Yes, there is life outside and beyond curry.

The Curry Club had a rehearsed reading at London’s Soho Theatre in 2003. The play's theatricality, dialogue and “scene” quality have been retained in the novel, giving rise to a particular form and structure. No, there isn’t even a central character. If you are a purist — once again, sorry.

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Summer of Blue

Summer of Blue book coverFrom the spires of Cambridge to sunny Mumbai and the shadows of war-torn Afghanistan, this offbeat story of love, loss and longing confirms that life is anything but predictable.

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Co-curating the literature section of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Mumbai, from 3rd to 11th February 2018.  Events from 5 to 10 p.m. at the David Sassoon Library.

Moderator at panel discussion, “What Do Publishers Want?”, 5th February, 7.40 p.m. to 8.20 p.m.  With Arpita Das, Mita Kapur and Sugata Ghosh.